Our Directors


Alexander Soloviev

Alexander could have become a really good biologist after finishing Trinity College in Dublin, where he moved from Moscow to grow wiser, but fortunately, in a dramatic twist of fate, he had broke his leg and moved to London instead.


Alexander loved making short films about his Russian friends doing some silly and crazy stuff, which eventually got him accepted into London College of Communication where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Film and Video. But that wasn’t enough for him - Alexander wanted people to call him Master, that prompted him to enter Central Saint Martins Drama Centre which he then graduated with a Master Degree of Arts in Directing for Screen.

Alexander learned a hell of a lot about acting there - that gave him a really good technique in working with actors and also the ability to talk about Marlon Brando for hours.

Alexander shoots Commercials, TV series, Documentaries, Music Videos and everything else that can be shot. The depth of his creativity may be compared only to the level of his involvement in the production process. That’s why we believe he’s unique. Luckily, he is not aware of that.


Axinya Gog

“Life in the black frame. In a sense that the moment had been captured before it was gone, and therefore it will now live forever. That’s what enticed me in cinematography. I was keen to learn how it works“ - luckily, Axinya Gog found her passion pretty early in life and after a few years at The Art Theatre Academy she entered Russian State University of Cinematography.

Not to 'reinvent the wheel' Axinya began developing her own visual language, which combined dark sense of humour and fascinating image of a modern fairytale (inspired by reading her mother’s Art books in childhood).  Her talents and interests in drawing, writing and editing helped turning her imagination into a strong artistic vision. Having  learned the technical side of filmmaking, Axinya began directing. It's hard to believe that behind the face of a young movie star, there is a committed and demanding leader, who knows how to motivate her team to deliver the best possible results. But there you go: 10 short films, written and directed by Axinya, a number of prestigious International awards - quite impressive credentials for a 28-year-old, aren’t they?   

Whether it is a new arthouse film or a TV commercial, Axinya would handle it with meticulous attention to detail and being mindful of the budget constraints. That’s what producers love her for.   And we love her for being such a gem, always full of ideas - and her amazing sense of irony, of course.

Alex Sobolev

Starting out his professional life as a copywriter in advertising agency, Alexey developed a real passion for quirky, unconventional narrative. Since he turned his hand to directing seven years ago, he has been shooting projects for a number of clients, including Vichy, AX, Citroen, Rexona, and collaborating with the leading international agencies such as BBDO Moscow, BBDO New York, Possible, AKQA London and the others.

His own experience in advertising agency had given Alexey a valuable understanding of universal insights and relations between brands and consumers, which he then transferred into his directorial work. That resulted in awards at major creative festivals, such as Cannes Lions, Moscow International Film Festival, The Webby Awards, Red Apple Grand Prix, Holy Shorts, Awwwards etc.

Artful combination of storytelling, humour and CGI became his signature Director’s style. With that in mind, Alexey always endeavours to create a compelling, emotive narrative supported by innovative technologies for any project and any client, whether it’s a well-established international brand or a local startup. 

Based in Brooklyn, Alexey works on various film- and TV-projects around the world. His wife might not enjoy his frequent globetrotting, but we love him for his profound commitment, as well as resistance to jet lag. 


Sergey Protasovitskiy

Serezha always wanted to be a teacher so he first studied languages at Minsk State Linguistic University planning to teach them later. But on his return from London, where he lived for a year, he suddenly found himself in a world of television in Minsk. He started working as a host of various, quite weird, shows and then progressed to writing for those later.


By that time Serezha had already had a family and having acquired himself a camera, he started filming short family documentaries. Around the same time, he also started making videos for his little son to show them to him as bedside stories. In fact, Serezha's son is his biggest fan to this day.In 2014 Serezha began studying filmmaking and at the same time working in a Belorussian division of Wargaming team as a creative director, scriptwriter and advertising director for World of Tanks game.  He also had a go at directing animated videos and his big dream is to create an animated film for children, especially since Serezha has a larger audience now, which includes both of his sons.


Serezha absolutely loves creating characters and entire worlds for the viewer. His instinctive understanding of insights and ability to connect with the audience helps him produce a product which is right on target and bound to make an impact. That is why Serezha is so much valued by his clients. And we love him for his problem solving skills and determination to accomplish any project.


Egor Sheremetiev

Egor was born in Moscow, graduated from RUDN University, but decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and began both directing and making photos. He has been shooting for over 6 years now.

Egor originates from Moscow urban dance community both as a dancer and later as a founder of a notorious dance school. He has taken up video & photography while doing promotional images for his school and since then he had never put his camera down.

Egor has a well-developed storytelling skill, takes an active part in the casting process, in order to show memorable characters with a strong and lively acting each time. Energetic shooting combined with real emotions is at the core of Egor's works. He is open to communicate with the client and ready to find solutions for low-budget projects. As a photographer on a regular basis he shoots key visuals for feature films, for example, feature film "Moving Up". He worked with famous actors such as Vladimir Mashkov, Alexander Petrov and Svetlana Khodchenkova. Loves lifestyle and portrait photography. Egor has a large children's portfolio and experience in working with children. 

His approach to photoshoots is blending the crew into natural flow of each individual set, so that the desired images appear naturally a result of roughly choreographed events. He likes to build the mood and shoot it at its highest peak rather than just imitate emotions.

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